Furniture Odors     3M Scotch guard

Whether we're cleaning your love seat or sectional couch, restoring your fabric's look and fresh air smell we will provide you with the highest cleaning quality you deserve. We even remove deeply embedded odors. Call us today.

If you buy new furniture or you're just getting your upholstery steam cleaned, it doesn't cost a lot to apply 3M Scotch guard. 3M Scotch guard helps repel spills, resists soiling also help to block stains.

Mattress Cleaning

Something today that is often overlooked is mattress cleaning. When was the last time you got your mattress steam cleaned?

Our allergy and asthma relief cleaning will kill dust mites. We will assist in removing any unpleasant odors. We recommend you get a mattress cover as this will help keep the dust mites from entering your mattress.

Sleep better, knowing that your mattress has been cleaned and sanitized.

Leather cleaning
Leather Care

Don't wait to long to get your leather clean and moisturized.

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