Residential Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is a difficult and tedious task which often requires a safety harness for our skilled staff.

Our ladders are set up to not mark your home. When we clean the exterior, we offer you a free inspection service. Seeing a picture of the problem helps everyone and could save you money.

Most homes have window screens and sometimes the screens are very hard to get out. No problem! We fix screens too.

If you would like your interior windows done as well, no problem, we cover our shoes to protect your floors.

To schedule an appointment you can fill out our free estimate form or contact us directly.

Power Wash

While we are power washing your home's exterior, we will remove spider webs, dirt, dust, bird droppings, pollution, loose paint and more.

Making sure your home exterior is clean will help if you're thinking of selling. Even if you're not planning on selling your home, a clean exterior will brighted up your home and day.

We also wash decks, tennis courts, concrete, inter locking bricks, and more!

Are you tired of your backyard look? With a little planning your dreams come true Floating decks are very common today Over 30 years' experience This deck is 20 feet long and 16 feet wide This deck is not attached to the foundation Framing in the sides help prevent animals from entering If you are thinking about a deck give us a call
Ceramic Tile Installation
Time to replace this carpet Almost done installing new tile Another tile and grout installation complete
Kitchen Back Splash

Add a new fresh look to your kitchen with new lighting under your cabinets, and that back slash you have always wanted! Don't forget your washroom walls around your sink area, colors are endless and it only takes a day or so call us today! Our handy man service are endless. Check out photos below.

Getting things ready for a new backsplash That looks much better, what color is your grout? Kitchen Before
Installing Wooden Floors
First thing you roll up your carpet and padding Laying new oak floor with black wax paper It's only a matter of time now Got some help from our customers dog too What a difference oak floors make Our customers new oak floors are almost finish Paying attention to details, our customer's cat did this. Good thing she knows a good handyman
Water Damage

Did same dry wall repairs at a home in Oakville, the damage was water related and came from the roof. The water had created mold which is not healthy! Don't let your roof get the best of your home! Damaged could lead to many internal issues in your home including dry wall repairs and other problems! This can be very costly and these things checked more sooner. Don't over look your Eavestrough.

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Don't let your roof get the best of your home. Damaged areas can be very costly and these areas checked more offen can save you money in the long run. Here are some photos of area of course.

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