Healthy Home:

The cold air ventilation inside your home over a period of time can become cluttered with soil and debris. These vents will accumulate more soil then the hot air vents in your home. Over a period of time these vents can accumulate spider webs and other insects that lay eggs inside your system. All I have to do is take one of the vents off and stick my head down the vent to see how much soil is built up. This will determine if you should get your vents cleaned or not.

Efficient Air Flow

Cleaning your furnace on a regular basis will ensure that your furnace is running at full efficiency and keeping your furnace well maintained will only add its lifetime. Below are some photos that will show you the approximate size of most fans inside of your home furnace system. This photo was taken from an industrial heating system but in most cases we all have the same type of fan inside of our furnaces. The grooves that you see inside of the fan can get covered in soil, which weighs the system down and puts stress on the whole system. If these systems are not properly maintained the dust that builds up can cause your system to fail. If you’re thinking about getting your furnace and ducts cleaned please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Free quotes done over the phone and in person.


Dryer Vent Cleaning:

We highly recommend an annual check of your Dryer vent system. If you have no one at home that can do this type of service please do not hesitate giving us a call. A clogged dryer system can cause a fire and your clothes will not dry as fast as they should. We are just a telephone call away, free quotes done online or in person.

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