Welcome to Ontario Cleaning Systems we provide weekly/bi-weekly/monthly and seasonal residential and commercial restoration cleaning services to 905 and 519 area codes. Our highly skilled owner/operator has been picked from among the best in our area and is trained to provide you with options you need as well as the quality and respect you deserve. We specialize in restoration cleaning and maintenance services.

Spots and Stains

One of the easiest methods of getting out a spot/stain is to simply ask you if you know the origin of the spot, then our trained technician will look at the fibers and all the characteristics and transform the spot material into a form in which it can be removed. Spots are a soluble substances easily removed with a normal steam cleaning system.

Stain Cleaning

There are many different stain removers. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. Some spots can be reappear the next day after steam cleaning has been done. It’s called wicking and it can happen.

Call us back and we will remove that wicking spot.

Heavy Soiled Areas:
Often these forgotten traffic lanes can damage your carpets. Areas like hallways entering into your living room or at the front door. There are many different places where traffic lanes can appear. Don’t wait to long to get these areas cleaned or your carpets will not be nice anymore.

Filtration Soil

Do you have dark lines around your carpet, along walls, under doorways, in front of doors, along outside bearing walls or in front of central heating registers?

When the air passes over the carpet, it acts like a filter and picks up the soil from the air. This soil marking will build up over a period of time to the point that it is visible. Ontario Cleaning Systems knows how to restore and remove the dark lines.





Filtration soil can be very oily and is especially fine, forming a strong bond to fibers that requires special products for removal. Filtered lines or filtration soil may permanently alter the colour, texture and overall appearance of the carpet.

3M Scotchguard

Most new carpets today already have a stain guard protector. These guard protectors only stay on so long. Ontario Cleaning Systems recommends you use guard protectors.

Areas in your home that need it the most are hallways, stairs, and TV room. 3M Scotchguard is the most recognized product today.

Contact us directly at 905-690-0042/519-759-1262

Area Rug Cleaning

In addition to our professional carpet cleaning services, we also perform on site area rug cleaning. Whether it’s been years since your rugs have been steam cleaned, restoring the look and the fresh smell only takes an hour. Drying time depends on the type of rug.

We offer in home estimates, as well as pickup and delivery. Servicing your rug will take approximately 3 or 5 days.

To schedule an appointment, you can fill out our free estimate form or contact us directly.

Carpet Rug Repairs
Getting Ready for Carpet Cleaning Service

-We recommend that you vacuum the rooms you are getting steam cleaned that day.

-We need to park in your drive way as there will always be more then one thing to bring into your home.

-We can move your furniture but you can move whatever you like before that day.

-If you can move the stuff off of your carpet please do so. The more you get clean the better.

-When the carpets are clean we recommend pets stay off until dry.

-If you would like your closets carpet cleaned, please remove anything off the carpet in the closet.

-Tuck your blankets under your bed mattress or pull them up

Front door rugs always need cleaning, ask us and we will be more than happy to help.

If you would like us to leave our fans please feel free to ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Are you insured?
A Yes we are fully insured.

Q Do we have to be home to have these services done?
A Arrangements can always be made.

Q What do we need to do before you come?
A Put things away and vacuum carpets.

Q How long does it take to dry?
A Depending on the soil, around 1 to 2 hours.

Q What are your hours of operation?
A 7 days a week.

Q Pets Safety?
A We use only the best cleaners that are safe for humans and pets.

Q Any extra charges?
A If there are, you would be notified first.

What to Expect

Ontario Cleaning Systems strives for the utmost professionalism during all of our jobs. We offer affordable prices year round. You can expect us to show up on time. We provide custom-made deals to best suit our valued customers needs.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call.

We care about you and your family.


There are many different unpleasant smells like garbage, mold/mildew, urine, feces, vomit, pet odors, organic and decomposing objects. Finding that odor sometimes requires our highly skilled technicians. We understand our customers and care about the air you and your family breathes. We only use the latest technology that permanently eliminates deeply embedded odors.

Smells like this stink!
See the damage Just a pup

Commercial Cleaning Service

Get rid of dust, dirt and debris with Ontario Cleaning Systems. We will bring our professional carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning equipment to your Town/City and business and flush out all the grime. What lurks beneath the surface of your carpets may surprise you and not in a good way. Once we have finished restoring your office carpet, upholstery or tile and grout. You’ll be able to make a good impression with your present and future customers. Our after hours commitment and satisfaction guaranteed with outstanding skills with the trust and respect your deserve.

At Ontario Cleaning Systems servicing you is our business. Call today for a free estimate.

Residential Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning

Today every building has some type of tile and grout. Scrubbing dirty tile and grout isn't fun especially when using harsh chemicals. When you clean your floors, cleaning products, soil and water move around and can settle in the grout lines.

After a period of time those grout lines darken and the tile color doesn't stand out anymore. The dirty grout can be cleaned. Our highly trained cleaning technician will carefully restore your tile and grout and give it that new look again.

In combination with high pressure, we use products developed specifically for tile and grout restoring. With steaming hot water, our state-of-the-art extraction method removes soil, water and cleaning products. We seal especially after restoring.

When we seal your freshly cleaned tile and grout, soil does not penetrate the grout and when you clean the floor again and the soil can be removed easily.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Most store and office windows get cleaned monthly or sometimes weekly. We can clean inside or outside of your office during working hours of after hours. During that time we will remove built up dirt and debris.

If you need tape removed no problem while we are washing your windows we can wipe the frame and sill.

Please give us a call and we will come out as soon as possible to give you an estimate.

Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be very stressful. Many of us would like to do everything, but our time can be limited. Working fulltime and having a family can take up much of our time. Some of us need a little bit of help. Maybe you need something repaired, replaced or general cleaning done. We are highly skilled and have helped hundreds if not thousands of people in our community. Look no further we are your solution at Ontario Cleaning Systems.

We have helped thousands of homeowners in our community restore and stage their homes. Make your home looking it’s best, our realtor friends have hundreds of great ideas and have a warehouse full of furniture and decorations. We care about you and your family just like our own! Even if you are not selling your home, making things better is what we do at Ontario Cleaning Systems. For a free estimate call 905-690-0042/519-759-1262

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